Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Checking in!

Have you ever had one of those days in which you felt you were exactly in the right place and doing exactly what you should be doing? The peace and the joy floods your soul, the fulfillment leads your spirit to soar, and everything is right in your world! Well that is how I felt home schooling…yesterday! LOL! Today? Not so much!

It was a little stressful today; perhaps it was the pain in my back? Maybe pms? Lack of caffeine? Whatever it is, the memory of the goodness of yesterday lingered long enough for me to realize that, “yes, there will be days like this!” On the grand scale it really was not that bad of a day, I mean no tragedy struck so I guess I am extremely grateful and thinking it was a great day after all.

I’ve just been tired and the last two days not able to get up before . Right now I am reminded to be patient with myself and to really think of all that was done today. Home schooled two children, cleaned the living room, vacuumed the house, drove to the next town for a text book I was missing, bought a 7 by 10 rug for the living room and put it down, cancelled the cable, shopped for and cooked dinner, and now I’m putting in a blog entry before bed. Whew, it makes me tired just thinking about it!

I guess my thoughts take me to two places, one knowing what I still have yet to accomplish and that I didn’t take my devotional time with God. I realized that I absolutely love my cup of coffee with my devotional time! Absolutely love it! However, now I am joining with so many of you in that 21 day awakening Daniel fast so, I am not drinking coffee. I thought I could get away with tea but upon checking the acceptable food list I find herbal teas are a don’t! Today I was driving to the store and really missing my hot cup of coffee, I mean now is the time when it’s best, when it’s cold outside! I thought of possible alternatives, hot water with dried cherries?? Just doesn’t get the same response does it? I have to ask myself, if that is my association, a warm cup of coffee as I do my devotionals, and now on the fast I don’t have that, what am I supposed to be seeing here? Is it that the fast is interfering with my devotion, when it is supposed to do the exact opposite? Or is God changing His meeting time with me.

Years ago, after Dan died; I had the most wonderful devotion time with God, so wonderful that sometimes it lasted for hours! Lovingly I would sit in my Father’s lap while He taught and spoke with me. It was outstanding!! However, one day I went to meet Him at our usual spot and He didn’t seem to be there. I tried and tried, but got nothing. I asked for days what was going on. Then I tried to have my devotions at a different time, and God spoke to me saying, “You can not put me in a box! I will change what I want when I want to and I don’t have to consult you to do it Lori!” I remember thinking, wow, (gulp) okay and what an amazing adventure! It is like hide and seek! God is waiting for us to seek Him and find Him! But beware; He may just change the plans!

I’ll close with this, many of you are struggling to find work right now with the economy like it is. Well, I have a few friends who have been looking for work for a long time and one called me today. This friend called just to let me know he had a second interview for a job, and later I found out from his wife that he did indeed get the job. The thing that was interesting was that he said it was like that scripture, “God’s ways are not our ways and neither is His timing!” I can so agree to that! Praise be to God! The giver of all good gifts!! ;-)

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